Pocket Diary

Pocket Diary

Program to manage notes, diary entries, and all types of text anotations
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Pocket Diary is a program to manage notes, diary entries, class notes, and all types of text annotations. Although it has multiple uses, the features offered make it specially suitable for writers and people who keep a diary about their daily experiences.

Compact and very intuitive, this application offers all you may expect to find in an electronic notebook. For one thing, it can keep your daily entries organized into days, months, and year, arranging them in a tree-like fashion on a left panel making them easily accessible. These individual or daily notes are in turn saved into booklets, files with the extension .dbook, which can be compressed to save disc space. On the other hand, the text it uses for our notes can be formatted using fonts, colors, and styles, and also different background colors. Besides text, we can also insert images in several formats, and also file attachments. Other features of the program include, a spellchecker, and the chance to protect our files with a password. It is also possible to record macros to automate repetitive tasks, and export booklets into RTF, MDB, and TXT using entry dates or subjects as file name.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Intuitive interface.
  • Keeps notes very well organized.
  • Password-protects booklets


  • Looks a bit dated
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